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Hellosun B.V.

Good experience until 1st payment

My issue seems identical to many other customers who reported their experience in Googke and TrustPilot. Very smooth and appealing advisory process and even smoother when it came to sending the offer and the first payment.
Then reality hits, you have to call them multiple times to schedule the inspection, then even more calls to get the installation appointment. Finally, what started as a 10-12 weeks promise to complete the installation ended up in 17 weeks and we are still waiting, missing on the financial promises given initially to be able to start generating our own electricity in April.
Our appointment was planned for Jun 17 between 8-10 am and no one showed up neither called to discuss any replanning.
We had to skip my son's swimming class and cancel family commitments, which obviously doesn't mean a lot to Hellozon.
I'm waiting to hear f

Uitgevoerd op 17-06-2023

Hellosun B.V.
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Groot Bethlehem 17
6511CZ, Nijmegen

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    Groot Bethlehem 17
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